Aside from letting my boyfriend use a book to try different knots on me, my first experience with rope bondage was at a party on Valentine's Day with Professor Oni. He spent the night tying people up.  The first thing he asked me was why I wanted to be tied up.  I told him it looked really relaxing and refreshing to be allowed to stretch and rest into positions otherwise unexplored.  From watching the way he was with the women he was binding, I felt comfortable being vulnerable within the safety of his spiritual practice: rope bondage.  


As he started, I asked, "Can I touch the rope?"  He responded, "Yes.  I want you to be able to enjoy it as much as you want to."  I love gently tracing the weaves of the rope as it smoothly passes through Oni's hands and binds tightly against my body.  I love tracing the line where the ropes and my skin intersect.  I feel the beautiful forms he creates on, around, and through my body.  It makes me feel more beautiful, too.  I asked, "Can I touch you?"  "Yes, my ropes are an extension of me," he responded.  I caress his shoulders, arms and hands.  The strength and security comes through Oni, more than a hundred feet of his rope, to me.  In a cocoon of trust between us, I feel free to play with my centre of gravity, my range of motion, my flexibility, breath, tolerance of pain and discomfort, strength, and various states of consciousness as he rigs me to hang from the rack.  


[What seemed like] two or three hours later, Oni carefully lowered me to the ground, and circle by circle removed all the rope from me.  I curled up against the floor, with Oni holding me, gently allowing me to recover and return to a more shared reality at my own pace.  This was the beginning of my rope sessions with Oni.  There have been times when I've worn Oni's ropes for weeks, not wanting to take them off - not wanting to peel off those constant, exciting, loving, stylish hugs.  The meaning of rope bondage to me is not separate from Professor Oni.  It is about the freedom, beauty, strength, comfort, trust, excitement and consciousness that I experience within the safe, sacred cocoon Professor Oni creates with me.