Dear Professor Oni:

Thank You so much for sharing your time, knowledge, and personality with us at Beyond Leather 4 this past weekend. I attended your Suspension Bondage class this morning and am still delighted with the experience.

The dynamic that you share with Orias is just lovely; fun, interactive and strong. It helped me relate to both of you and to view you as equal partners with different roles.

Your description of the craftsmanship of the equipment was very helpful, and made me think about the few times I've been suspended without checking / asking about it ahead of time. I will definitely be more cognizant of this in the future.

I love that you provided a handout and rope with which we could practice. I rarely see presentations with opportunities for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. That was awesome.

Finally, thank you for giving us the photos of your work. I just created a DeviantART account and look forward to seeing more.

Thank you again so much for sharing yourself with us. I am just so pleased to have attended your class.

Sincerely and with much respect,