Dear Professor Oni--

We played together last evening at the Crucible, and you asked me to email you and let you know that I had both feet back on the ground. 

My experience with you was awesome, amazing, wow.  Things that stand out in my memory right now:  you asking me to form an intention and hold it in my heart chakra ("intention" is a word with a lot of deep meaning for me); "This is an exoskeleton."  "I feel like Iron Man"--and I did--bigger than myself, strong, light and headed for takeoff; when you told me you'd hooked the rope to the suspension ring and I didn't have to worry about falling; and the intense, intense flight of setting the intention free. 

I couldn't possibly have asked for a better first experience with rope play or with play in general.  Thank you again for everything, your seminar, the rope play, and especially your words of advice when we finished.  I'll do my best to keep them in practice.

Yours most sincerely--