Below are a few examples of the classes and workshops Professor Oni offers.  They are ordered by degeree of difficulty and intensity. Please use the contact link above to inquire about additional topics, rates and availability.  NOTE: At this time, I am only teaching rope suspension and play piercing in private classes.






Introduction to the Kink Communities

In recent years, popular media has made exploring "out of the box" sexuality more appealing and less scary.  This has led to more and more "vanilla" folks wanting to enter one or more kink communities.  This lecture format class reviews the most common kink communities including terminology, mores and organizations.

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Why Am I Here?"  Formulating and Communicating Intent

When we begin our Kinky journey, many of start racing to check items off our bucket lists.  After the initial rush wears off, it can be helpful to settle back and really figure out WHY you are soing, feeling and wnting what you do.  This guided discussion assists participants in formulating and communicating their intention so that negotiations for play and more can occur in a more meaningful way.

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The Magic Minutes: The Whys and Wherefores of Negotiation
You see them across the room and that spark ignites all sorts of ideas in your head. 
You approach and ask the two obvious questions:  “Would you like to play?” And
“What do you like?”  The urge to get through the check list and onto the dungeon floor
is great, but consider taking a few extra minutes to find out WHY they like what they do. 
Tapping into the intent behind our proclivities engages powerful psychological connections
and greatly enhances the experience for not only the Top and bottom, but for the whole room.

This workshop looks at the neurophysiology of intent, desire and consent, and demonstrates
ways to unlock these in your partner during negotiation and scene planning.

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Body Assessment for Bondage and SM Play

After we master communicating our intention and effectively negotiate play, we need to determine of the person we want to do all these secy things to is "fit to be tied" so to speak.  This lecture+hands-on session reviews a systematic approach to body assessment to ssist in identifying areas of potential injury as well as brainstorming ways to adapt and accomodate physical limitations in bottoms.

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Healthy Bodies, Twisted Minds: Avoinding Unintended Injuries in Kink

As we get older, we have to be more cautious to avoid untintended injury.  This lecture+hands-on session reviews the most common age-related KRI's (Kink-Related Injuries) and how to modify your play to avoid them.

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Let's All Play:  Poly-Vanilla-Kinky Negotiation

Successful polyamorous partners work very hard to communicate limits and expectations.  This gets tricky when only one partner is kinky.  This lecture+hands-on session details a spreadsheet designed in response to a Poly-Kinky-Vanilla negoatiation gone awry.

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Winning by Losing - Building Trust Through Predicament 
What do you do when faced with a lose-lose situation?  Some retreat and avoid it
completely, afraid of failure.  Others remember Franklin Roosevelt's quote, “We have
nothing to fear, but fear itself.”
We all have fears which keep us from attaining our goals.  Many people who identify
as submissives or slaves fear failing to please so much that they limit their potential,
and in doing so, really do fail to serve the true need of their Master: to guide them
to a better place.

Using predicament , couples can create scenarios which force the bottom
to overcome fear of failure and accept the fact  that losing the battle actually does
win the war.  This workshop combines lecture, demonstration and class discussion
and might just be a hell of a lot of fun.

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Look Ma, No Hands - Verbal Orgasm Facilitation for Women

Kinksters are very familiar with the video genre of orgasm control.  Sexy women strapped to Hitachi Magic Wands, electric toothbrushes and the like.  This workshop offers a no-tech option for couples who communicate well and connect deeply.  Orgasm facilitators should bring their best voice, and a few breath mints.  Orgasm-ees bring your relaxed, sex positive, empowered selves, and maybe a towel.

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One and a Half Knots:  Rope Bondage for Everyone

Getting started with rope bondage can be intimidating, however, if one masters only a very small set of fundamental building blocks, virtually anything is possible.  This hands-on class will get these basics under students' fingers with plenty of time for improvised practice,

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Bondage for Decoration, Restraint and Sex
How do you dress up your submissive for a night on the town and be absolutely sure
no one else will wear the same dress? How do you keep that hyper-active pain slut from
slipping off the spanking bench? How do you spice up a sex life that left vanilla in the
dust years ago?

The answer to all three of these questions is rope.

This workshop will discuss the history and safety of using rope for decoration,
restraint and sex in a lecture-demonstration format.

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Micro Bondage for Hair, Hands and Feet

Micro bondage is a subset of bondage that allows us to decorate the smaller parts of the body as well as create “covert bondage” that can be worn outside of the typical bondage-friendly venues.

This hands-on class demonstrates techniques for binding hair, hands and feet.  Both decorative and restraining ties will be shown, but the emphasis of this class is to encourage students to improvise.

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Micro Bondage for Nipples and Genitals

Pressure = Force per Unit Area

In other words, the smaller the rope, the bigger the bite! 

Micro bondage is a subset of bondage that allows us to decorate restrain and torture the smaller, often more sensitive parts of the body.

This hands-on class demonstrates techniques for binding nipples and genital of bottoms regardless of gender. 

The knots are not difficult, but the effects and after effects are significant.  Because of this, this class will begin with a condensed version of Professor Oni’s “The Magic Minutes” class on intent.

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Lie While You Tie: Using Your Body as Bondage

When we are beginning our rope bondage journey, many Tops feel guilty about making their bottom suffer through their fumbling and slow-poke ties.  This class introduces a new way to use ones body to restrain the bottom while the hands are figuring out where the next lark's head goes.  This allows the bottom to be connected and "in bondage" for the whole time, rather than twiddling their thumbs.

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Ebi and Gyaku Ebi - Newaza

The Ebi, or shrimp tie, was used for centuries in Japan for interrogation and torture.  The kata, when strictly tied, compresses the diaphragm and induces hypoxia and renders the victim light headed and weakened.

Gyaku Ebi, often called the “Japanese Hog Tie” is the reverse position and can be attained in transition from the Ebi.

As a form of BDSM bondage, the Ebi is a versatile and intense tie that rides a continuum from aggressive full-body control to still, meditative restraint.

This workshop focuses on the mechanics of the kata, adaptations for body type and flexibility and how to use the Ebi as decoration, restraint and a sexual aid all in the Newaza, or floor position.

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Half the Gravity, All the Fun: Semi Suspension 101

For many people in the rope scene, suspensions are the pinnacle of skill, intensity and "edge."  In reality, once does not need to leave the earth completely to fly.  This hands on class discusses the safety, physics and intention behind semi-suspensions. 

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